Our success is based on a structured and proven methodology and on a weekly communication
with our client throughout the mandate.

1. In-depth analysis of your needs

A thorough analysis of the challenges, the objectives, the culture and the organizational structure of our client company
is essential to gain a clear understanding of our client’s needs.
With this analysis, we can lay the foundations for our search strategy.

2. Position Guide

A Position Guide is then produced. This contains the company’s profile,
a detailed description of the position to be filled,
and the profile of the ideal candidate.

3. Preparation of our search strategy

Each mandate is unique and we develop a specific strategy for each project
around these themes:

• Type of candidate
• Competency model
• Academic credentials
• Geographic parameters
• Industry experience
• Function experience
• Ability to transfer competencies

4. Industry study

A structured market or industry study is conducted for each mandate.
We systematically compile the list of companies where we believe
suitable candidates are to be found.

5. The “Sourcing process”

We contact key resources to enhance our knowledge of the market
and help identify the best talents.
We then contact potential candidates directly to qualify them.

6. Production of the list of qualified candidates

We interview qualified candidates, gather pertinent information
such as resume and compensation, and prepare an evaluation of each one.

7. Interview, background check and negotiation of job offer

We attend your first meeting with each candidate when required.
We prepare an interview grid and evaluation grid if needed.
We conduct reference checks and assist you in negotiating
the final agreement with the selected candidate.